onsdag 24 februari 2010

How to ...Monobelt !

Monobelt ...the "mimo-knot"
Today all DURET monoskis are shipped with a monobelt, and in the pist you can really spot the difference. If you use the monobelt you become a so much better rider!
When belting your knees together, you will be forced to use the body and knees correctly and when you push one edge down, the other foot will automatically press inwards against the knee and “lift up” the other edge. You will both push one edge down and lift the other edge up at the same time!

BUT...sometimes the monobelt is to "slippery" and do not stay in the set position. WHY? Because you have probably not fixed the belt in the ultimate way!
Look at the pictures and you will get it!
It is called the "mimo-knot", from the inventor of the solution :-)

Keep your knees together…and enjoy the edges