fredag 12 december 2014

Hassela Ski - MonoSki TESTING!

Vecka 4 (24-25 januari) är det lite happenings på Hassela Ski Resort med MonoSki Viking Björn Hallberg

Jag kommer att finnas på plats för att låna ut mina Monos för provåkning
samt att det kommer att finnas en drös med skidmärken där för testning av 2015 modeller.
Så Ni är varmt välkommna dit för en härlig Skidhelg!!

another Cool VIKING joining the RealVikingsMonoSki crew!

Welcome Gabriel to the Real Vikings MonoSki tribe!

måndag 1 december 2014

VIkings will come to Mono d'Enfer in Avoriaz!

the MonoSKi manifesto part 1

The MonoSki manifesto is just some guidelines for you to be a successful monoskier...both in the slopes and as a person!

1. be nice and talk to people ... tell them about MonoSki and (if possible) let them try!

2. Never use OLD PINK OVERALLS (if there is not a dress-up halloween party in the slopes) ...we want to be professional and old gadgets will create a situation in which people classify you as Old - Outdated and they will think that Monoski is something from 1980... old stuff is not fun!

3. don't be "CRAZY" in the slopes... develop a good MonoSki technique and make it beautiful to watch ... it should look wonderful when you ski (and it should feel great as well!)
crazy one-liners without turning is OK for the Derby but be a MASTER of GLIDE in the slopes!

...more to come

a new Viking ... from Holland!

welcome Bram!

OK.. guess which ski is the new one...

new Mono member! -Eskil

yet another MONO VIKING!

We are building an army to invade the french Alpes :-)