måndag 28 juni 2010

have a nice summer!

...and do not forget to PRACTICE!!! both balance and power

see you all at the events next season!
Hemsedal #4, Northern Light #2, Stryn #2, Auris/Alpes d'Huez #3, Vemdalen #4, Ulricehamn #2, Funäsdalen #1 ...

måndag 14 juni 2010

An old postcard!

Last month I visited my parents and had to go through some old stuff from the 80's, to see what to keep and what to throw away.
I found a pist map for chamonix in mint condition from 1984 (really nice feeling to the pictures) and a postcard I sent to my brother in 1989.
The postcard image was offcourse of a jumping monoskier!

My passion for monoski is OLD, and I can not understand the fact that I had a such a long break from skiing (1989-2001) because of my knee injury...NOW I still got knee problems but with monoski it is OK! Back then I did not know!
so my/our mission is not only to get people to feel the MONOSKI esprit de glisse, it is also to tell people about how GENTLE the monoski can be for the knees and joints.

I am soo happy for all the jumping crazy kids and teenagers adopting the monoski as well as the old powder freaks getting back into the game.
But I get even happier when I hear about people coming back to snow, mountains and skiing by the intermediare of the MONOSKI!

Spread the word!

...and don't split your ride in two!