fredag 28 maj 2010

the SPLIT-MONOSKI is here!

If you have not seen it before ...take a clooser look!

We always say "don't split your ride in two"...but maybee we have to modify the phrase a bit:
"don't split your ride when going down, but split it when walking up..."

Snowshark is manufacturing one model , and Aluflex is producing one as well.

Another way to walk up the deep snow, is to use an extra short fat ski on one foot and put the other foot in the wrong binding on the monoski, in this way you can actually "skate" up the slop by pressing down the inner edges...

With a split MONO you add a MARKER DUKE binding and get hold of some climbing gear, contact Havard in Norway, and you will have soo much FUN in EARNING you RIDE!

torsdag 27 maj 2010

MONO, MONO...everything must be MONO!

I could not stop myself from sharing this clip...a MONO WHEEL!
Nothing to do with snow, but I can sense the ESPRIT and the MONO feeling of balance and pure joy!


tisdag 25 maj 2010

sista åket för säsongen med Zebr!

en härligt galen esprit film med MONOSKI! Zebr klättrar uppför berget och träffar på en "Monoskus Randonyss" ... en ganska ovanlig art i de franska alperna ;-)

the film...

fredag 21 maj 2010

Real esprit de glisse!

The Apocalypse Snow movies filmed at Les Arcs by Didier Lafond, has a simple plot: two teams have a competition to win the “esprit de glisse” – “the ultimate feeling for gliding on snow”.

Yes, Monoski is a great invention to experience this ultimate feeling for snow. With your feet stuck together, you have to ski with your whole body, trust gravity and enjoy the enhanced feeling of freedom and joy!

But esprit de glisse can be practiced everywhere, and in any situation in life!
Let me give you some examples:

My father is an arts dealer and he has a friend, a painter, who recently bought a new set of houses ideal for expos and the making of art. He just turned 92! WOW!

I also have a memory from Chamonix that still is clear and vivid in my mind. And it is NOT a powder memory or an image of a beautiful French lady…it is about an old man and his snowboard. At 82 he started to snowboard!

That is the real esprit de glisse! Defy gravity, defy old age and most importantly …defy all the restricting “DO NOT”: s that often comes with age, family and work.

Even nature can show you some “esprit de glisse” of its own: look at this marvelous picture from a French monoskier.

For me one of the best illustrations of Esprit de glisse is by Wulffmorgenthaler: the old man in the wheel chair doing the skateboard half-pipe…
(See more of their excellent stuff at:

The challenge is to make a conscious decision to have fun and to enjoy life and gather WOW-feelings, no matter of age, job position and what illnesses or injuries you have.

When I am 65, I promise you all that I will start many new associations: Parcour for pensioners & old age acrobatics, wheel-chair free ride, etc…

If you have other inspiring images or stories share them as a comment!

Make it fun!