tisdag 23 mars 2010

Winners in Hemsedal - RVM-2010

Winners in Hemsedal - RVM-2010
The Real Vikings Monoski meeting 2010 in Hemsedal delivered 3 prices: Winner of the Derby, winner of the nicest crash and winner of the most positive & inspiring person.

Winner of the RVM-Hemsedal Derby 2010: Fredrik Forslin
He has a great style on his monoski, ripping the pists in really nice curves. And he is skiing very relaxed in fantastic speed. Great job!

made the best crash during the Derby. He landed on his back with ski straight up. According to the ski-encyclopedia it is called a "Seal-crash-landing".

won the price for the most inspiring and positive person. He is a living example of the fact that you do not have to stop monoskiing when you are more than 50!

A big thank you to Hemsedal Pist workers for fantastic pists even when the temperature was several degrees above zero. And as ordered we got 15 cm fresh powder on saturday night, so the sunday was all about leaving nice traces in the snow all around.

More photos from the event: here

See you all next year!

måndag 8 mars 2010

Petter & his monoski message!

Petter's secret message!
Petter is (for those who have not heard of him), one of Swedens most known rap-artists. He is rapping in swedish and he debuted in early 1998.
OK, so if you have seen the picture at Freeride.se maybee you did not notice the hidden message...Look really closely, close to the heel bindings...
...do you see it?
OK, I will spell it out loud!
"MONO rocks, Stereo SUCKS!"
nice !

torsdag 4 mars 2010


Another mindblowing MONOSKI clip by DURET!

Some of the parts you may have seen before, but the new stuff in nice powder makes you long for more! This is just a teaser, but there are some great monoskiing in there, for sure!
direct link here