söndag 27 november 2011

Mono-Ski.org meeting in Austria

10th annual international Mono-Ski.org meeting.
We will celebrate in Galtuer / Austria Jan. 28 - Feb. 4 2012

Real Vikings MonoSki 2012, 2-4 march Hemsedal

Hemsedal - Real Vikings MonoSki 2012, 2-4 march
poster to download here

(Nordic championship in mass start downhill)
MonoSki testing
Skiing together, exploring, racing and inspire each other
Learn the skills of REAL CARVIN with DURET team rider MIMO

PHOTOSHOW from heliskiing in Revelstoke (by Mimo)

this year we have 2 alternatives for this and we will see which one we will keep for next year...

the FOSSHEIM Alternative (not enough people were interested in the Softresor Mono-pack)
Cabins at Fossheim (6 persons in each cabin)
and there is also room available at the hotel as usual.

FRI - SUN 615 Nok (bedlinnen & towel not included)
renting bedlinenn & 2 towels cost 130 Nok

There is a Participation Fee (100 SKr) for this event that will fund the making of the trophy for the Derby, engrave the winners to the Derby Winner Metal, advertising etc...

read more about the event here

MonoSki @ OnePiece

MonoSki and OnePiece has something in common...
we both like "one-ness" and "mono"...
We all now that everyone are searching for the ONE thing, Nirvana or whatever...
You can find it gliding on snow (on one ski) or just relaxing in a cool way (or partying) in a OnePiece :-)
At the shop in Arkaden Goteborg, we have a MonoSki (a DURET FREE) in the shop to underline the connection of our "search for ONE-ness!"

More OnePiece/MonoSki exchange will come soon!