måndag 30 augusti 2010

nice swallow tail!

nice shape and nice finish!

onsdag 25 augusti 2010

How to ski a monoski - the basic tutorial!

If you have ever wondered how to start to ski a monoski, keep on reading!

There are as many styles in monoski as there are monoskiers, and the most of us monoskiers are personalities that like to express ourselves on a single ski. We are all born original, and we do not want to die a copy!
Monoski is about getting a nice rhythm in the body movements combined with the breathing. Basic monoskiing should be effortless and express esprit de glisse; the inner joy of gliding on snow.

You must press the knees together at ALL TIME and turn the chest towards the fall line of the pist. It means that you will turn the upper body to face the bottom of the slope in which you are going, and never let it have a direction to the side!
Use your legs to go up and down in a harmo
nious motion. Reach out with the ski pole and go down into the turn and breathe out. If you are turning to the right, you stretch out the right ski pole, start pressing the right edge of the monoski into the snow, bending your knees and pushing the left knee into the right, which will lift the left edge of the monoski and activate the carving on the right edge. Balance on the edge with you arms in front of the body always with the chest turned towards the fall line of the pist. Breathe in, straighten the legs and prepare to plant the left ski pole, to mark the next turn, now to the left.

The first picture below shows JPHI skiing with an upright posture with his chest towards the fall line and the arms in front of the chest. In the second picture he is stretching out the right ski pole and bending his knees. Notice how the chest remains directed towards the fall line. Picture 3 shows how he is coming out from a turn, straightening the legs back to an upright position.

The Real masters can express this joy of skiing with an effortless and flawless body position in any type of challenging environment: moguls, steep ravines, icy pists, deep powder, in high speed etc...

Try to get the rhythm and breathing in a simple slope, and then gradually increase the challenge.

Remember to breathe and enjoy the ride!

torsdag 19 augusti 2010

EINSTEIN knew about Esprit de Glisse!


onsdag 11 augusti 2010

grassMONO prototype testing

At last I did some testing for the future product of the year...the grass MONO!

yes, it is crude and not perfectly tuned...I have to move the position back and change the braking system on the left ski-pole, so that it does not brake too hard and too fast.

first impression is ...cool!

Even the slightest hill becomes a MOUNTAIN with this tool!

I was not scared but had to fight to stay relaxed and after just 20 meters I was sweating like hell...

check out some pictures below!