måndag 1 december 2014

the MonoSKi manifesto part 1

The MonoSki manifesto is just some guidelines for you to be a successful monoskier...both in the slopes and as a person!

1. be nice and talk to people ... tell them about MonoSki and (if possible) let them try!

2. Never use OLD PINK OVERALLS (if there is not a dress-up halloween party in the slopes) ...we want to be professional and old gadgets will create a situation in which people classify you as Old - Outdated and they will think that Monoski is something from 1980... old stuff is not fun!

3. don't be "CRAZY" in the slopes... develop a good MonoSki technique and make it beautiful to watch ... it should look wonderful when you ski (and it should feel great as well!)
crazy one-liners without turning is OK for the Derby but be a MASTER of GLIDE in the slopes!

...more to come

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