söndag 17 januari 2016

best binding for MonoSki...

the best binding for MonoSki is NOT ordinary skibindings!

the best binding for MonoSki is NOT fixed bindings!

the best binding for MonoSki is a combination of both!!!

fix binding in front 
release in back by using ordinary ski binding

  • it is easy to step in
  • you do not have to get rid of all ice and snow under the skiboots when stepping in
  • you will release when the tip goes under a branch or you get stuck under snow
  • you will have an exact power of no movement of the bindings in front
  • powerful plate on travers because the tension is on the front and back as a pair - when the right and left act as ONE PIECE the whole is much more stable!
I can not stress enough the "need" to connect the front bindings to make them as one !
I really do think it makes a huge difference!

When you slightly move the right foot the force is connected to the left and 
if you press down the right and lift the left at the same time AND the front fixes are connected you get an awesome instant power and control!
no way you get it with two separate fixed bindings or ordinary bindings 

.... and again this is only my opinion after having TESTED it!
... i used fixed binding for years on my extreme carving
and I do think this one is MUCH better!
...an I am not planning on SELLING anything, I just want to inspire people to think!

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