söndag 24 januari 2016

esprit de glisse 365!

This is for all monoskiers ...listen up!

you can monoski all year ...every day ...365 days a year!


buy an Electric UniCycle (EUC) !

I bought one 6 months ago and I ride it EVERY DAY ...it is just awesome!
It is sooo much more freedom than a bike (you SIT on a bike , and HOLD the handlebar often with stiff wrists and a locked back!) ...on an EUC you balance all the time and MOVE the upper body and realease all the tension from a day sitting down at work ...

there are 2 brands that are really good :

Ninebot and GotWay

Ninebot One P is very realiable and smooth

GotWay has the best tool for riding in forest and offroad : the MSuper

The way you ride the EUC is exactly the same way you monoski! My legs and torso has never ever been this strong and the balance is great!

It is actually VERY GOOD for my hip problems (arthrosis)

below is a tutoral for riding an EUC !

if you want to buy one ...let me know
 (yes I sell EUC as well as MonoSkis ....I try to promote and sell everything I am passionate about !)


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